Documents that need to be submitted

(One set of original Documents)

(One duplicate set of Documents)

Furnish details of regulations and / or provisions as and where in the documents: -

  1. Letter address to:
    Head of Labour Section
    Sri Lanka High Commission
    No.12, Jalan Keranji Dua, Off Jalan Kedondong,
    Jalan Ampang Hilir,
    55000 Kuala Lumpur.
    Forwarding the following documents, state the business of the company concerned, furnish the total number of workers existing in company and the total Sri Lankan workers in the company.
  2. Authorisation letter from Managing Director of the company for signing the documents by employed staff and submit photocopy of NRIC / Passport and authorisation for person submitting the documents. Should any company personal other than those listed in Form 49, and then they must be given the consent letter from the company to sign all the documents.
  3. Power of Attorney
  4. Notarial Certificate
  5. Demand Letter
  6. Employment Contract
  7. Affidavit / Sworn Statement signed by the Managing Director of the company
  8. Company 's Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A)
    Form 49 - Register of Company Directors,
    Form 24 - Return of Allotment of Shares,
    Form 9 - Registration Certificate of Company.
  9. Company brochure / profile
  10. Photograph of working area, canteen, hostel etc.
  11. Collection of Attestation Documents: By Company Director or Representative with Authorisation Letter.

Labour Welfare

The labour section, of the Sri Lanka High Commission was established to ensure the well being of the migrant workers to Malaysia and also to promote more employment prospects for Sri Lankans to work in Malaysia. The activities of the Labour section are monitored by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

The functions of the labour section are primarily;
  • To ensure the welfare of foreign workers in Malaysia.
  • Promote employment opportunities for Sri Lankans.
  • Settlement of disputes arising out of non payment of wages.
  • Looking into issues related to physical and sexual harassment.
  • Holding inquiries into complaints on breach of employment contracts.
  • Liaising with host government authorities such as Police, Ministry of Human Resources, Immigration and Prisons.
  • Visits to Prisons, Hospitals and other Institutes related to labour welfare matters.
  • Attending to inquiries held at Ministry of Human Recourse and Courts.
  • Providing counseling services.
  • Attending to workers who are ill and also assisting them in the event of repatriation.
  • Visiting work sites where Sri Lankan workers are employed.
  • Participating and organizing religious and other festival activities for workers.
  • Verifying contracts that enable employers to recruit workers directly or through contracts signed by registered agents and employers.

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