Trade between Sri Lanka and Malaysia has been increasing over the last few years and Malaysia has emerged as one of Sri Lanka’s major trading partners. Total Trade between Sri Lanka and Malaysia recorded USD 941 Mn in 2019.

Sri Lanka’s Main Exports to Malaysia:

Apparel, Other cereals and its products, natural rubber & rubber based products (tyres, gloves etc), processed food, precious stones and semi-precious stones (e.g. Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds), tea, fish, ladies underwear, wheat/meslin flour, articles of jewellery, food preparations, unmanufactured tobacco, machinery parts, articles of apparel and clothing accessories, Rubber gloves, coconut fiber, vegetables (gherkins), brooms and brushes, aluminum plates, sheets and strips etc, natural sands (mineral), synthetic filament yarn..

Sri Lanka’s Main imports from Malaysia:

Petroleum oils, palm oil, cement, Aluminum, synthetic rubber, wood products, electrical items, cement linkers, polymers of ethylene, vegetable fats, chemicals, urea, plastics articles, iron & steel articles, paper etc.

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